About Us

The Meadow is a small friendly Holiday Park in Holywell Bay. Bordered by Tamarisk trees and a stream.

It is a level site with only a short stroll across National Trust land to the beach.

meadow 1940 300x190 - About Us

            The Meadow about 1948

The Meadow originally opened in the 1930 as one of the first Holiday parks in Holywell Bay. My Grandmother Carrie Penna was the caretaker for the “The Meadow” and when the previous owner Mrs Gordon decided to sell the site my parents “Mr George Humphrey and Mrs Ester Penna Humphrey” bought the Meadow in 1961. It has been run by our family now for over 50 years.

We are part of an old Cornish family, the Penna’s who moved into Holywell in the early 1930’s. They first lived in the old farmhouse at Penhale. Later to become part of the army camp at Holywell Bay. My Grandfather worked the land with his dear old horse called ‘Peggy’. He once sold Peggy to a farmer in St Newlyn East, the children were very upset and cried and cried, then next morning when they got up they could not believe their eyes Peggy was standing at the front door! So they decided to keep her. My Grandmother took in lodgers.

Penhale Farmhouse 1930 300x171 - About Us

              Old Penhale Farmhouse

The family then bought land beside the beach which is now Pennasville.

In about 1936 my Grandmother Penna built the house and the shop ‘Holywell Stores’ which we still run today, it is also used as the reception for the holiday park.

The Meadow accommodation at that time composed of converted Gypsy caravans and purpose built cottage style chalets complete with open fires.

Over the years the gypsy caravans have given way to contemporary caravans with all the amenities necessary for the modern holiday.

Most of the cottage style chalets have been demolished and replaced with more up to date versions. However two of these originals buildings are still in use today. We’ve become attached to them and never had the heart to knock them down. These being ‘Seascape Chalets No 2 & 3’ however they have been modernized and had their fires removed, but still retain much of their original character. They are fairly basic in many ways and their price reflects this but they have a charm of their own, being much roomier than caravans a good step up from camping . They offer a unique opportunity to experience a little of what was on offer to the 1930’s holidaymaker and are very popular because of their unique charm.