High tides and holidays, The Meadow, Holywell Bay.

Well Christmas seems long gone here at The Meadow.
At the moment at Holywell Bay we are having some of the biggest tides of the year. There is not too much wind though so they are not as impressive as they could be and are not doing any damage to the coast. The sand on the beach has shifted quite a bit making ideal conditions for looking for sea glass although we do not get a lot of it on Holywell Beach.
Talking of glass, back in good old days up till the late 1960’s we used to get hand blown glass balls washing up on the beach These were used as fishing floats before the advent of plastic ones and came in various colours, the rarest being amber and blue.. Strangely enough a few days ago some builders working next door dug up an intact one with a JCB it’s amazing how it survived all this time.
We are well into the New Year and starting to do our spring cleaning at The Meadow, another year begins. We have one brand new holiday caravan this year, the Calypso this has central heating and is well should be a warm caravan for a holiday early and late in the season.
Places have started to book up now. We still have availability for the peak weeks but some of the cottages and bungalows are beginning to fill so if you are thinking of coming to Cornwall this year it is advisable to contact us sooner rather than later if you have specific dates in mind for your self-catering holiday holiday.

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Glass fishing float at Holywell

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