Holywell Bay, Waiting for the Beast from the East

low tide at holywell bay

Holywell Bay Beach

low tide holywell bay

wreck at beach holywell bay


shells on tideline Holywell Bay

It’s a glorious day here in Cornwall at Holywell Bay, although somewhat cold. Not a speck of snow to be seen here at The Meadow although a lot of Cornwall has a good covering.
We are not sure whether the snow will reach us here at Holywell Bay. The sun is shining on us as despite the Beast from the East.
February is nearly over that means, here at The Meadow Holiday Park we are back to work getting ready for the 2018 holiday season. It’s amazing how quickly the holiday season comes around.
The bookings are coming in quickly this year for the holiday cottages and caravans, so if you have particular dates in mind for your holiday contact as soon as you can us to avoid disappointment.
Just got back from the beach at Holywell Bay. Hardly a sole on walking on it and unusually no one in the sea I think most people are indoors keeping warm and who can blame them.
The tides are quite low at the moment giving the opportunity to see the remains of the 1917 wreck of SS. Francia, an Argentinian coaster, with a small surf breaking over it.
The Beach is covered with sea shells all shapes and sizes that have washed in, we don’t normally see so many. It’s a pity it’s not summer the children on holiday would love collecting them.
At the far end of the beach is a good collection of icicle hanging over the cliff. Ifs a good few years since I have seen the form there it goes to show how cold it really is.
Still a couple of days and the cold weather will be behind us. Our first visitors for the year arrive next week so hopefully the weather will warm up a bit by then for them.
We have posted a couple of pictures of Holywell Bay and hope you enjoy them.